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Financially Naked

Aug 9, 2023

This is a very special episode of Financially Naked: Stories from the Financial Gym! Our hosts are Shannon McLay, the CEO and Founder of the Financial Gym, and our incredible COO, Alicia Lazarto. Today, they celebrate a decade of financial fitness and commemorate Alicia's remarkable six-year journey with The Gym. They take a trip down memory lane and share the inspiring tale of how the Financial Gym came to be. 

From its humble beginnings to the challenges we faced along the way, we'll dive into the highs and lows and the people that shaped The Financial Gym. This episode is about reflection, growth, and gratitude as we celebrate a decade of transforming lives, one financial step at a time. And that's not all – mark your calendars for September 1, when Shannon will share some exciting big news you won't want to miss on her podcast Martinis and Your Money. 

For more details check out our show notes here!

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Meet The Team

Meet Alicia Lazarto - Chief Financial Officer
Meet Shannon McLay - Founder & CEO