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Financially Naked

Jul 26, 2023

On this episode of Financially Naked: Stories from The Financial Gym, our host is Rachel Adaline, HR Manager at The Financial Gym. Our special guest today is Lillie Nkenchor, an experienced estate planning professional with over 14 years of expertise in the field.

In this episode, we're shedding light on the sensitive but important topic of estate planning. Many of us may have heard the term before, but what exactly is it? Do you need to be rich to have an estate plan? When should you consider hiring a professional to assist you with this process? And what are the common challenges that arise when it comes to estate planning?

Lillie is here to share her vast knowledge and insights, as she has dedicated her career to helping others navigate the complexities of estate planning. We'll discuss the basics surrounding this essential aspect of personal finance, providing you with advice and actionable steps to protect your assets and ensure a smooth process for your loved ones. 

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Instagram: @lillie_nkenchor_pc
Linkedin: Lillie N. Nkenchor, Esq., LL.M.

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