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Financially Naked

Jul 19, 2023

On this episode of Financially Naked: Stories from The Financial Gym, our host is Jazmin Higgins, Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer. Today, we have a special episode focused on an essential aspect of financial education: teaching kids about money. Joining us is a phenomenal guest who has dedicated herself to this cause, Chelsea Sarae Addison. She is an author and advocate for financial literacy, and she's here to talk about her new book, Savannah's Savings Jar.

Savannah's Savings Jar is more than a children's book. It's a powerful tool that harnesses the magic of storytelling to impart invaluable lessons about money to kids and adults. Sarae's book invites us all into the captivating world of Savannah and her friends, who are here to share their lessons. 

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Connect with Sarae

Buy the book & get notified for pre-orders: Savannah’s Savings Jar

Instagram: @Chelseasarae

LinkedIn: Chelsea Sarae Addison

Meet The Trainer

Meet Jazmin Higgins, Level 2 Certified Financial Trainer