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Financially Naked

Sep 20, 2023

On this episode of Financially Naked: Stories from The Financial Gym, our hosts are Catriona and Tina, two Level 3 Trainers at The Financial Gym. They are here to talk about an important step of every financial journey: tracking your spending. They dive into the why behind this practice and how it can help you become intentional about your finances. 

Catriona and Tina share valuable tips on creating a sustainable reflection habit. You'll learn about different methods to track your spending, from pen and paper to modern apps and tools. If looking at your spending makes you anxious, don't worry; this conversation is not about judgment but instead about gaining awareness to make mindful decisions. 

For more details check out our show notes here!

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Meet The Trainers

Meet Catriona Williams, Level 3 Certified Financial Trainer

Meet Tina Hang, Level 3 Certified Financial Trainer